Whenever there’s a way to make something funny, SEVENTEEN will jump at the chance to take it. Seungkwan did precisely that when he shared a photo of how he saved half of the members’ names in their group chat.

Although most of them were what you’d expect, there were a few amusing ones. Out of them all, Mingyu‘s turned out to be the funniest.

seventeen seungkwan

He kept it simple for S.Coups, Hoshi, and Woozi by giving their names a friendly addition to the end. They were saved as “Coups Hyung,” “Hoshi Hyung,” and “Woozi Hyung.”

seventeen hoshi woozi s.coups

For the youngest member of the group, Dino, Seungkwan didn’t even have to put his name at all. He settled for a cuter way to say maknae: “Makdoongie.” He added a similar twist for Jeonghan.

seventeen dino

Seungkwan combined both of the ways he named the other members to come up with the super cute “Baby Jeonghanie Hyung.” When it finally was time for Mingyu, he wasn’t going out of his way to come up with anything.

seventeen jeonghan

He kept it extremely simple. Mingyu was merely saved as “Kim Mingyu.”

seventeen mingyu

The cold way Seungkwan referred to him had Carats cracking up at how the two are always bickering and playing around with each other.

Seungkwan might’ve won this round, but Mingyu easily won another. As long as they keep being funny and enjoying it, that’s all that matters.

seventeen mingyu seungkwan