SEVENTEEN made their debut on May 26, 2015, and this year, they celebrated their third debut anniversary!

Out of gratitude, the group prepared a special gift, or “cards,” for all the Carats (SEVENTEEN fans) out there. Each of the 13 members drew and decorated one portion of a message that reads, “Thank you Carats, who have been with us for three years.”

The four members who have their own personal Instagram accounts also left additional messages. Sharing older photos of the group, Seungkwan wrote, “The past three years that we’ve spent believing and depending on each other. I’m once again thankful that I’m [a part of] SEVENTEEN.” Joshua wrote a heartfelt caption in English as he thanked fans for their love and support.

Mingyu said, “It’s already our third anniversary.. Our Carats, I am always very, very thankful and everything is thanks to you all. Sleep well tonight and let’s happily welcome our third birthday, which will never come around again. Good night. Thank you,” while The8 expressed, “It’s already three years. From now on, let’s be together for an even longer amount of time.”

Happy anniversary to SEVENTEEN!