On almost every album SEVENTEEN has released, there’s a song that’s sung by a mixed unit. It’s merely a unit of members from each team (Vocal, Hip-Hop, and Performance) placed in one.


From their recent album An OdeJun and The8 discussed the mixed unit song “Network Love” with MTV News. In the process of explaining the positive energy of the unit, The8 shared that there was a member he’s had his eye on to make a whole new unit with.

seventeen the8

Out of all the members, he chose the one who had been in the mixed unit along with him, Joshua, and Jun: Vernon. Making a duo with the two would be a treat that Carats wouldn’t mind waiting for.

Personally, I want to create a new unit with Vernon.

seventeen vernon

Since The8 and Vernon are versatile in their abilities to both rap and sing, the possibilities for their unit would be endless. From a laid-back hip-hop song to a smooth ballad, they could pull it off flawlessly.

seventeen the8 vernon