SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo already killed Carats once with his iconic W Korea pictorial that featured his sweet smile and incredible abs! He’s now killed them once again in SEVENTEEN’s recent choreography video as his abs were exposed several times.

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For those who don’t know, Wonwoo has always known for his slim figure but now has healthily bulked-up. Following this, many fans praised him for his healthy look!

seventeen wonwoo
Wonwoo (before bulk-up)

wonwoo bulk up
Wonwoo (after bulk-up) | SEVENTEEN/YouTube

Wonwoo abs have once again gained the attention of many in SEVENTEENS’s latest Light A Flame choreography video.

Members Wonwoo, Hoshi, Woozi, and Jun are featured in the video and were all fantastic; however, many in the comments agreed it was hard to take their eyes off Wonwoo every time his pullover lifted and exposed his abs.


The fans couldn’t hold in their love and complimented Wonwoo’s heart-fluttering moments!

Check out the choreography video