SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo recently participated in a stunning pictorial for DAZED Korea! The photoshoot concept focused on Wonwoo’s wide shoulders. Not only was the concept to highlight his great build, but also all of the things he has carried on his shoulders since his trainee days.


Wonwoo mentioned how he started to look up to idols in high school and had then decided to leave his home in Changwon and chase a dream of becoming a K-Pop idol himself!

Of course with this talent, Wonwoo passed an audition and started to train for a career as an idol. While his dream was close, Wonwoo expressed how tough it was to train. The interview mentioned how difficult it must’ve been to go from Changwon to Seoul.

There were a lot of really tough times. There were a lot of physical and mental hardships I encountered during my trainee life. My family or people around me had expectations and that weighed down the burden on my shoulders. So without minimizing it, I just endured it. But it turns out I could show them something that exceeded their expectations. I’m proud that I didn’t discard the burden on my shoulders and continued running instead.

— Wonwoo


Furthermore, Wonwoo went into details about how hard life as a trainee and student was.

At that time we practiced from 1 PM until 4 to 5 AM. On the days I would go to school, I would come back and practice until dawn. I lived like that regularly. During that time, I was always lacking sleep.

— Wonwoo

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Despite the hardships he faced, Wonwoo shared that things got easier after he adjusted to living in the dorm and with his members.

At first, I had a lot of fear because I was young. It was hard and I would oftentimes call my parents and release my frustrations to them. It usually takes me awhile to adapt to situations, but thanks to my members it only took me 3-4 months for me to get comfortable. We lived life together and went to practice together so we got close easily. Later on, it became awkward to leave and go home during the vacation time we received. From there on, I enjoyed living life with my members.

— Wonwoo



Wonwoo conveyed his thankfulness to his member because, without them, Wonwoo shared that training would have been a lot more difficult. Wonwoo commented, “I’m thankful to the members.”

Honestly, my trainee period was so long that it didn’t even hit me during my debut. My everyday routine was always the same. After doing a schedule at broadcast stations, I would go back to the practice room and start practicing again. Those feelings were similar to when I went to the practice room after returning from school, that’s why I didn’t realize it at first but after 1 to 2 years it finally hit me. I was recognized by the friends around me and heard supportive messages that were communicated to me through my parents. That’s when I felt ‘So I’m doing something after all!’

— Wonwoo

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Clearly, Wonwoo’s hard work and effort not to throw away the burdens on his shoulders paid off! SEVENTEEN’s success continues to grow and win the hearts of many!

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Wonwoo is soon going to show off his hard work again through his upcoming single “Bittersweet” with Mingyu! The single also features Lee Hi and will be released on May 28, 2021, at 6 PM KST!