SEVENTEEN’s Vernon will be taking a temporary break from activities to recover his health.

On February 8, his agency Pledis Entertainment posted the news on SEVENTEEN’s official fan cafe, saying, “The state of Vernon’s eye health was not good today and he received a medical recommendation to rest. Until the condition [of his eyes] improve, he will be resting in accordance with the specialist’s judgement. So he will not be attending the upcoming fan sign event that is taking place this February 8 and 9.”

They added, “The fan sign is planned to proceed with 12 members excluding Vernon, and we ask that there will be no mistake [regarding this]. We plan to inform [everyone] later on regarding whether or not he will attend upcoming scheduled [events]. We sincerely apologize for the sudden news and for causing fans to worry. We will do our best so that Vernon recovers to a healthy state in the shortest amount of time and is able to greet all the fans.”

Wishing Vernon a speedy recovery!

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