The sexy diva Mina is coming back with a new single, “Toy Boy.” Recently, she has released a teaser image for her album jacket that features many of her charms. On July 12th, Mina will be returning to the K-Pop scene with “Toy Boy.” She was performing in China and it has been a while since she has performed in South Korea.
Usually Kpop singers will release a song in Korea first, and then have a different version of that for another country. However Mina is doing this the other way around! “Toy Boy” is actually the Korean version of her Chinese single, “Single Party.”

Mina was born in 1972, and although she is 40 years old from this year (Korean Age), her album jacket reveals that she looks like she’s still in her twenty-somethings. It is well known that Mina is crazy about working out.
For those of you who don’t know, MIna is one of the original “World Cup Girls.” Before she became a singer, she was well known as a hot Korean soccer fan for the 2002 World Cup.

Source: Star News