A sexy pictorial of actress Gong Hyo Jin showing off her wet figure in style magazine “Singles” has been publicized.

Actress Gong Hyo Jin was selected to be the cover model for the 8th anniversary edition of the September issue of “Singles.”

Starting with the cut showing off her especially slim beautiful legs, while soaking in a bathtub, her body completely wet, Gong Hyo Jin’s face held an emotional expression.  Inside the bathtub filled with water, the shot pictorial cut showed the angelic actress once more performing a beautiful scene.  Even though it must not have been easy to strike a pose in the narrow bathtub, viewers of the photo were enraptured by everything about Gong Hyo Jin from the look in her eyes to the expression on her face.

Representatives of “Singles” magazine at the shoot said of Gong Hyo Jin, that they were once again impressed by Gong Hyo Jin’s professionalism and her silhouette slightly rising from the water was the most important element to creating the perfect photograph.

Gong Hyo Jin will be returning as a fall lady with her mature and sexy pictorial for “Singles” and new movie “Project 577” in the September issue of “Singles.”