In an interview with Hankyung, SF9’s Chani talked about his auditions for “SKY Castle,” his reaction to the drama’s conclusion, and more.

When asked how he auditioned for the role of Woo Joo in “SKY Castle,” Chani said, “There were three rounds of auditions, and at first, I auditioned for Seo Joon, Ki Joon, and Woo Joo. It was my first audition in a while, so I prepared a lot, and I felt myself getting more and more excited.”

He added that he wanted to play a character that was very different from himself, but the director chose him for the role of Woo Joo because of his positive vibes.

On asked about the ending for his character, a star student who drops out of school to travel after being falsely accused (and acquitted) of murder, Chani said, “I support Woo Joo in whatever decision he makes. I think his decision to drop out of high school was a good one. I believe that Woo Joo will be happy and achieve much in the future.”

Chani himself also chose “SKY Castle” over college. He said, “Last year, as I was preparing for entrance exams, I was told that I had gotten the role in ‘SKY Castle.’ I thought I should focus on the drama rather than college, so gave up on exams. It was a drama about getting into college, but I did the opposite (laughs).”

“I still experienced and learned a lot,” said Chani. “From how to approach working on a drama to how to set a course for myself and work at it, I learned so much from the veteran actors.”

Chani, who has now had to play the role of a falsely accused character twice (once in “Signal” and once in “SKY Castle”), shared the acting advice he got from Jo Jin Woong on expressing those frustrated emotions.

“When filming ‘Signal,’ [Jo Jin Woong] said I should punctuate the emotions with actions. He asked me to grab his arm and said, ‘I’m going to try to shake you off, so don’t let go.’ So I hung on to the very end. When he said I should act with that emotion [of hanging on], it really clicked.”

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