SF9’s Zuho will not be participating in promotions for their upcoming mini album, “NARCISSUS,” due to a lower back injury.

February 13, FNC Entertainment posted a notice on the agency’s official website explaining what happened.

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

Due to a lower back injury, SF9’s Zuho will not be able to participate in promotions for their album that will be released in February.

The lower back pain that Zuho had been receiving treatment for since long ago worsened in the process of practicing SF9’s new song and preparing for their album. After receiving an examination at the hospital, doctors advised that he refrain from excessive activity and rest while receiving treatment for three weeks. Fortunately, recording for the album, album jacket filming, and part of the music video filming is complete. Zuho expressed his desire to move forward with promotions. However, after discussion with the artist and in accordance with the doctor’s conclusion that the intense movements of the choreography would be too aggravating, it was decided that he would be sitting out promotions for the new album.

We regret causing concern with the sudden news for fans who had been waiting for SF9’s comeback. We ask for your understanding that this decision was made putting the health of our artists first. We are going to do our best so that Zuho can recover his health and so that SF9 can successfully carry out their promotions, and we ask for fans’ support. Thank you.

SF9’s 6th mini album, “NARCISSUS,” is set for release on February 20.

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