According to broadcast associates on September 23, broadcaster Shin Ah Young was traveling between schedules and was on her way to a recording session for SBS‘s “The Racer” when the car that she was in collided into another motor vehicle.

About this, Shin Ah Young’s agency said, “Fortunately Shin Ah Young did not sustain any big injuries, but she will need to go to the hospital for a more thorough workup.” They added, “She had a strong will to participate in the program ‘The Racer’ as an MC, so she continued to the set of ‘The Racer.’ She will get the workup at the hospital after the recording.”

“The Racer” is a race car training variety show, and there have already been a couple of accidents on the show itself.

Meanwhile, Shin Ah Young joined SBS Sports as an announcer in 2014 after getting a degree in history from Harvard University. She has also appeared on a number of variety shows and has been getting a lot of love and attention.

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