Accusations of fraud and the lawsuit between Shin Dong Wook and his grandfather have finally been resolved.

In January, Shin Dong Wook’s grandfather claimed that the actor had committed “filial fraud.” In an interview with TV Chosun, he claimed that he gave the actor land and a villa in return for his filial duties, but that the actor had cut off contact with him after receiving the property. Shin Dong Wook then revealed that the claims of fraud were not true and that his grandfather had continuously physically abused, verbally abused, and threatened to kill his family members. The actor is currently resting after the end of “Dae Jang Geum is Watching”

On February 7, Shin Dong Wook’s grandfather Shin Ho Kyun issued an official statement. His attorney said, “It came from a one-sided misunderstanding and position, and he decided to acknowledge this by releasing a statement.”

The statement is as follows:

To be honest, I acted unreasonably to my son and family members in the past, so barely any children come to visit me. During that time, my grandson came to visit me and comforted me a lot when my mind and body were tired and lonely. Hoping that he would come visit me two to three times a week and hold ancestral rites after I die, I gave him my villa and land.

I was born in the year 1924 and at the old age of 94 [by Korean reckoning], my memory and judgment has decreased a lot. When I couldn’t get a hold of my grandson who’s the defendant due to his all-night filming and busy schedules, I misunderstood that my grandson was intentionally avoiding me after receiving my villa and land. I also somewhat intended to use my grandson’s fame to make my family come visit me before I die. I fell really sorry to my grandson for these things. I had many misunderstandings, and made a big mistake.

I acknowledge the fact that my grandson didn’t give me the villa and land in fear that I may mismanage my property due to my unclear memory and judgment. I felt my grandson’s sincerity when he said that he tried to take me to a nursing hospital in a better environment.

Everything is my fault. Because of my unclear memory and judgment, I misunderstood the situation and gave an interview that was unfavorable towards my grandson. I accept the fact that my grandson didn’t have any ill intent in the way he treated me. I feel very sorry and apologize for causing pain and damage to my grandson due to my one-sided position and misunderstanding.

Please note the statement above.

Thank you.

In response to his grandfather’s statement, a source from Shin Dong Wook’s agency Snowball Entertainment stated, “He has decided to return the land and villa he received from his grandfather. He’s also planning to withdraw the lawsuit soon.” As for his plans for a new drama, the agency said, “He doesn’t have follow-up drama plans for now.”

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