Veteran actor Shin Ha Kyun recently sat down for an interview where he shared his thoughts on his “Room Number 7” co-star, EXO’s D.O. (Do Kyungsoo).

“He has an instinct for acting, and he’s good at it,” Shin Ha Kyun complimented. “In order [to act] in a comedy, you have to have a good sense for it and he did. He’s also very sincere, and adaptable in a manner that was mature beyond his young age. Filming went by like a breeze. [His acting] was to the point I couldn’t tell that he’s originally an idol at all.”

He added, “I’ve never actually seen Do Kyungsoo perform on stage before. That’s why I almost couldn’t believe that he is an idol. I’ve only seen his web drama, ‘Positive Physique.’”

“Room Number 7” opened in domestic theaters on November 15.

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