It has been reported that Shin Hye Sung of Shinhwa was brought to the emergency room due to an injury to his knee during the Shinhwa concert titled “2012 SHINHWA THE GRAND TOUR IN SEOUL: THE RETURN.”

Shin Hye Sung dislocated his knee during the encore on March 25 at Seoul Olympic Stadium. He was doing a jumping performance during the song “Yo!”

A representative of Shinhwa stated, “His knees aren’t too good to begin with, but we thought the injury might have affected his bones. He was immediately taken to the emergency room at a nearby hospital. The doctor said that the x-rays didn’t indiciate a serious injury; however, Shin Hye Sung is getting rest and getting ready for an MRI for further analysis.”

Fans know that Shin Hye Sung had had bad knees for a long time, and that he had torn his ACL several years ago. Due to the severity of the injury, he had been exempt from the mandatory enlistment.

Hopefully, Shin Hye Sung will have a speedy recovery!