Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung ended up losing his skirt for “Shinhwa Broadcast,” the Korean media is stating that the incident destroyed his image. Shin Hye Sung had transformed into Tarzan by wearing a Tarzan skirt. The episode showing him in the Tarzan skirt was the first episode of “Shinhwa Broadcast” and it aired on March 17.

On the episode, the Shinhwa members transformed into “Original Heroes” (Classic heroes such as Tarzan) and did a mission titled “Save the President’s daughter.” They had to solve quizzes while sitting on a flying chair that would drop them into a pool if they got something wrong, or if another member solved the quiz.

Shin Hye Sung fell into the pool and as he climbed out, his Tarzan skirt had dropped in the water unbeknownst to him. Shin Hye Sung was shocked and went right back into the pool. 

Check out the teaser for Shinhwa’s New Song Venus: