In the December 22 episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” host Shin Hyun Joon shared some good news about the health of actor Kim Woo Bin.

Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in May of this year. In this week’s episode of the entertainment news program “Entertainment Weekly,” Shin Hyun Joon said, “During the time I’ve been the MC of ‘Entertainment Weekly,’ I have always kept the rule that no matter how close I am with another celebrity, I do not share what they tell me on air.”

“However, I’m going to break that rule today,” he continued. “I received a message from Kim Woo Bin last Sunday. I had gone to church that day to pray for him, and I’ve always been praying for him in my heart as well, but that day in the evening I received a message from him. It said, ‘[I’ve] gotten a lot better.’ I hope that he will be completely recovered soon.”

In July, Kim Woo Bin’s agency gave an update on the actor’s health after his first round of chemotherapy.

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