“Cain and Abel” star Shin Hyun Jun is apart of the Twittershpere! How can one know this? M Plus Entertainment talent Alexander Eusebio tweeted it! On July 26th, Xander tweeted all about the current KBS Entertainment host joining the world’s most popular social networking site. What did he tweet? Read his Shin Hyun Jun promo below: 

Xander: “Hey everyone! Korea’s famous actor Shin Hyun Jun finally has a Twitter account! Please follow him and show much LOVE & SUPPORT!! BINGO! He is the one who hosts KBS Entertainment News too! ^-^)b Shin Hyun Jun ☞ @oshj68 ☜ Here we go!”

Currently, Hyun Jun has hundreds of followers ( around 700), he has uploaded thirteen personal photos on his Yfrog, and he is slowing updating fans about his life, while responding to their tweets.

Credits: @alexander_0729 and @oshj68