Photographs showcasing MBC drama “Arang and The Magistrate” star Shin Min Ah’s various charms have been posted online. 

Recently, on an online community bulletin board, photographs of Shin Min Ah’s tiny face and glamorous S-line were posted with the title: “The real-life extent of Shin Min Ah.”

Two of the photographs showed how small Shin Min Ah’s face is.  The other photograph was a full-length photograph showing Shin Min Ah in a blue shirt and white jeans.  Though her outfit was simple, Shin Min Ah’s tiny waist and glamorous S-line were highlighted. 

Netizens who viewed the photographs commented: “Shin Min Ah in real life is amazing,” “She’s so pretty,” “I envy Shin Min Ah’s perfect body,” “Wow, Shin Min Ah’s S-line is truly a sight to see.”