Actress Shin Min Ah was featured on the August issue and ten year anniversary edition cover of Allure Korea, rocking a deep magenta and purple lipstick color. Her eye makeup was kept simple and natural, letting the color of her lipstick and nails stand out.

Shin Min Ah Allure Korea

Ironically, she is the first Korean to grace the cover of Allure Korea according to TV Daily. Apparently, the search for the perfect model to represent the theme of “Charm” was very selective.

Shin Min Ah Allure Korea

Shin Min Ah, who is the perfect combination of a lovely woman and a femme fatale, was chosen for the cover model spot. She worked with a top fashion photographer for two days, shooting for the cover and a spread in the magazine. The photo shoots feature the themes of purity, loveliness, and sensory. The three themes were used to convey three different makeup looks that emphasized color.

Shin Min Ah Allure Korea

After the photo shoots were over, the staff praised Shin Min Ah for the way she carried out the looks. They felt that Shin Min Ah was “a different woman for each look.”

Congratulations on being the first Korean woman to be featured on the cover of Allure Korea!

Current and previous

Current and previous “Allure Korea” magazine covers. Image captured from Allure Korea’s homepage.