It’s been belatedly announced that Shin Min Ah was featured in the March issue of “New York Times Magazine,” becoming the first Korean actress to have an exclusive spread in the “New York Times.” On April 26, local media Newsen contacted AM Entertainment. A representative of Shin Min Ah’s agency stated, “Shin Min Ah’s exclusive two-page photo spread was featured in the March issue of the ‘New York Times’ [magazine]. It’s the first time a Korean actress had a spread in the ‘New York Times. She was featured despite having no current projects and activities.” The rep continued, “The ‘New York Times’ introduced Shin Min Ah’s appeal as an actress and fashionista [to its American audience].”

Unfortunately, Shin Min Ah’s spread in the “New York Times Magazine” can not be circulted in Korea due to copyright issues. The representative stated, “We tried asking for the photos from the ‘New York Times.’ However, they said they declined, citing copyright laws.” The representative also revealed that Shin Min Ah will have a two-page spread in the May issue of American “Vogue.”

Meanwhile,  the actress is busy preparing for her role in upcoming MBC drama “Arang and the Magistrate,” co-starring Lee Jun Ki.  

Photos credit to: h0neyfunnybunny