Actress Shin Min Ah talked about her guest appearance on SBS “Running Man.”

On September 26 in a café in Seoul, the actress met with OSEN, and when asked about how she felt on her appearance on “Running Man,” Shin Min Ah replied, “It was very hard. I tried my best. I think I tried too hard, so I’m a bit worried. I sweat a lot.”

She continued, “I’m curious as to how it will come out. After about 12 hours of shooting, I am not sure what parts made it onto the episode.”

Shin Min Ah is currently promoting her new movie, ‘My Love, My Bride,’ which also stars Jo Jung Suk. It is a romantic-comedy centering on a married couple, and is a remake of a 1990 movie of the same name, which starred Park Joong Hoon and the late Choi Jin Shil.