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On a celebrity news segment titled “Hot Rising” on “Entertainment Relay” aired on March 31, actress Shin Se Kyung had an interview at one of her CF shoots.

Among the comments she made during the interview, Shin stated, “I would like my daughter to not have my personality.”

When asked, “What would you liked to be called other than an actress,” Shin Se Kyung answered, “Mom?” She explained, “Although not right away, I would like to be a mom. However, I would like my daughter to not have my personality. My mother always tells me that I need to have a daughter like myself (to understand what it’s like), ” and brought much laughter to the interview.

Additionally, when she was asked what actor she would like to meet again, Shin answered Song Kang Ho without a moment’s hesitation. She said, “I would like to meet him again after I’ve matured some more.”