Shin Se Kyung is receiving jealous attention from female netizens for stating that she usually does not exercise on a daily basis. Shin Se Kyung appeared at the press conference for “Fashion King” wearing a revealing white dress on March 14. The dress showed parts of her back, stomach, and most importantly her 11-shaped abs.

When the actress was asked if she exercised diligently she shyly answered, “No matter how hard I exercise I don’t gain any muscles. I don’t really like exercising either. Maybe this is because they put makeup on my legs?”

Shin Se Kyung will portray “Lee Ga Young” on “Fashion King” who is a genius designer. On the drama she will have a romance line with Yoo Ah In

The storyline of “Fashion King” revolves around young adults competing in the fashion world for their dreams of becoming renowned designers. The first episode will air on March 19. The drama also stars Lee Jae Hoon and GIrls’ Generation Yuri