On the most recent episode of KBS “Happy Together 3,” G4 revealed a picture Shin Se Kyung‘s doppleganger, actor Im Won Hee. Jung Beom Kyun first introduced Shin Se Kyung and commented, “There are so many stars who want to be like Shin Se Kyung. She is so pretty.” Then, another G4 member Heo Kyung Hwan pointed out, “But she looks like Im Won Hee!”

Heo Kyung Hwan showed a picture of Im Won Hee where he and Shin Se Kyung look surprisingly similar. Their thick eyebrows and sharp eyes resemble each other to the point where they look related. Heo Kyung Hwan added, “And it doesn’t look odd when you combine them two,” and revealed a photoshopped picture with Im Won Hee’s face on Shin Se Kyung’s body. Im Won Hee’s face looked rather natural with Shin Se Kyung’s feminine body, fooling one to think that it is a picture of Shin Se Kyung.

After the initial introduction, Heo Kyung Hwan apologized to Shin Se Kyung, “I felt sorry for her while looking for these pictures.” Shin Se Kyung responded, “I’ve heard that before,” but she still looked a little taken aback. Netizens commented on Shin Se Kyung’s doppelganger, “I’ve always thought that they look alike,” and “I really hate to admit this, but they do look a lot like each other.”