Actress Shin Se Kyung’s past video clip has been gaining attention. The video clip shows the actress as an aspiring singer being trained.

An online community website board recently uploaded the video clip with the title: “Shin Se Kyung’s Trainee Days Preparing As a Singer.”

The series of photos captured from the video clip is from SBS “The Its KnowBoA, Eats Up Japan,” which aired in July 2003. Shin Se Kyung was a middle school student at the time.

She especially garnered interest for displaying great rhythmic skills as she danced in a black training suit. Her evaluations note: “Her passion to become a singer caught my attention,” “Has great amount of interest in dancing and puts in a lot of effort,” and “In a very sensitive state due to finals preparation.”

The uploader also captioned: “So Shin Se Kyung was really an aspiring singer, her glamorous body is a natural ever since birth.”

Fans and netizens who came across the captured photos commented: “She was an aspiring singer? She probably would have been popular if she was in a girl group,” “Shin Se Kyung’s trainee days portrays her diligence,” and “So she was good at dancing and singing. She is a woman who knows how to do everything!”