On the April 5 episode, Super Junior’s Shindong revealed his weight on Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2.” 

Before stepping on the scale, he grandly pledged that, “Just for ‘Beatles Code 2” to do well, I vow that if my weight remains in the 80kg-89kg range, Jang Dong Min can stay on the show.”

On a previous episode of the show, Shindong vowed that he would lose over 10 kg to show his determination and commitment as one of the hosts of the show. He also joked that if he failed, his co-host, gagman Jang Don Min, would have to leave the show.

In a comically tense moment, Shindong then weighed himself on the scale and his weight was revealed to be 91.77 kg.

But, Shindong confessed, “Actually, before coming on the show, I took off all my clothes and weighed them. The clothes weighed a total of 2.24kg. If you minus the weight of the clothes, my weight is actually 89.31kg. Because my weight falls within the 80kg – 89kg range, I succeeded!”  

The act entertained audiences, proving that Shindong knows how to put on a show. And of course, Jang Dong Min was delighted that he still had his day job.

Check out the weigh-in below:

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