SHINee will be continuing with SM Entertainment!

The group made a special guest appearance on the May 30 broadcast of MBC”s “Radio Star.” At the very end, the members shared what they wanted to say to one another.

Onew said, “We’ve been talking quite frequently these days, but I just want to tell them I love them. I always love you guys.” Minho expressed, “I’m grateful that we have understood and respected one another for the last 10 years. Now, we’re basically family and I hope that we can continue just as we are now.”

“I want us to really look back on when our most immature times because if we had had to choose when we were about six or seven years into our career, I’m not sure if we would have been sitting here together right now,” Key shared. “As we endured and spent time together, 10 years passed by. In my opinion, now it finally feels it’s like worth doing.”

Key then unexpectedly revealed, “I’m kind of doing what I want and saying this but we actually renewed our contracts, for more time…” When the MCs asked if all the members have renewed, they all nodded their heads as Key reiterated, “Yes, we’ve already done so.” Minho added, “Together during our teens, 20s, and even our 30s.”

Taemin concluded, “I wish our relationship with one another won’t change. As long as we’re strong, no matter what others say or no matter what happens, I just hope that things will be good between us.”

Check out the full “SHINee’s Back” special of “Radio Star” below!

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