SHINee‘s “View” was originally released in 2015. At that point in time, the song, concept, and outfits were definitely considered ahead of their time. The synth-house beats along with the youthful style of outfits was a breath of fresh air.

On MMTG, SHINee revealed that they felt like they stood out on the stage because of this.

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Key revealed that they received some hate because of the clothes.

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Amongst the sea of boy groups dressed in suits, SHINee was the only one in casual clothes.

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Minho pointed out that he was even more embarrassed with his sleeveless vest. Back in 2015, many boy groups focused on bringing out mature concepts such as “If You Do” (GOT7), “My House” (2PM) and “Bad” (Infinite).

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SHINee was the only one on stage dressed as such.

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Key shared that he told his members that they had to stick it out and even whispered for them to remain confident. He encouraged everyone to lift their heads up and be proud.

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Well, despite that, SHINee’s “View” ended up winning first place across all music shows during their promotions! This goes to show that sometimes, you have to be the trendsetter rather than follow the trend!

Catch their appearance on MMTG below.