SHINee has been picked to model for Skechers in 2013. Skechers changed into a total sports brand in 2009 and has been gaining a lot of popularity with the younger crowd in South Korea.

The reason they chose SHINee as their models was because of their strong fan base and also because of the fact that they are one of the leading groups of Hallyu.

The SHINee members are also known to be very athletic and this fits in perfectly with Skechers’ sporty brand image.

Currently SHINee’s comeback single “Dream Girl” is really doing well. For the “Gaon Weekly Chart” (February 17-23) “Dream Girl” is #1 for digital, online downloads and also the album itself is currently #1 on album sales. SHINee also won #1 for the “Champion Song” on MBC Music’s “Show Champion,” #1 on Mnet’s “M Countdown,” and on KBS “Music Bank.”