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On the most recent episode of “Entertainment Relay – Guerilla Date” aired on March 31, the shining members of SHINee were interviewed. In the interview, Key expressed the grudge he holds against Lee Soo Man for the comment he made about Key’s forehead.

Five years ago when Lee Soo Man watched SHINee on stage for the first time, he complimented the members and gave advice to each. To Jonghyun, “Your voice is very nice. Practice that song a lot from now on.” To Minho, “You’re stiflingly good-looking. Take care of yourself.” To Taemin, he said, “You need to dance well in a circular motion.” To Onew, he said, “You sing well.” To Key, however, Lee Soo Man said, “You’re bound to be successful since you have a large forehead!” Key then expressed how the comment had upset him and brought much laughter to the interview scene.

In this particular episode, Key was also revealed to be a BB cream enthusiast.