SHINee‘s Minho recently appeared in TV Joseon‘s Sikgaek Heo Young Man’s Baekban Journey where he opened up about being compared to his elite big brother all his life.


According to Minho, he was compared to his big brother a lot while growing up.

Not only was my brother good at sports, but he got amazing grades. And I was always below him.

— Minho


And he was always outshined when it came to school.

I’d come home proud that I placed in the top 10 in my class. But my big brother placed in the top 10 in the entire school.

— Minho


Minho’s brother is known to be an elite salaryman who graduated from the prestigious university, Seoul National University.


And on top of that, he’s handsome.


In a past episode of SBS‘s My Little Old Boy, Minho even confessed that his big brother is a source of his motivation.


But on the show, Heo Young Man praised Minho with words of encouragement.

He doesn’t even stand a chance now.

— Heo Young Man


And Minho confessed that things are indeed different now.

Now, it’s like the tables turned.

— Minho


Watch the full revelation below: