On June 8, SHINee’s Minho put his trivia knowledge to the test on KBS’ “1 vs. 100.” 

In between questions, the SHINee member talks about his older brother, who was so popular that he was always coming in second.

“In middle school and high school, [my brother] was extremely popular. On holidays, he would always get more presents,” says Minho. “It was to the point that when I said I was preparing to be an idol, my family said my brother should be the one to do it.”

Minho then reveals the one thing he did prevail over his brother in. “Whether it was swimming, basketball, whatever we were learning, he always beat me. I lost in everything until I surpassed him in height.” Minho jokes, “If [my brother] had studied less and slept more, he would’ve beat me in height, too.”

He also discusses his manic love for soccer: “I wake up early in the morning to catch European soccer matches, that’s how much I like it,” and expresses his desire to become a sportscaster for soccer when the host prompts him. 

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