SHINee recently sat down for an interview in commemoration of their 10th debut anniversary on the May 29 broadcast of SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment.”

While looking back on the group’s successful decade, the host asked the members to share their favorite SHINee songs. Minho chose their debut song, “Replay,” while Key selected “View,” the title track of their fourth studio album “Odd.”

After silently considering, Onew sang, “Even if I stretch my hand out, even if I reach out with all my strength.” These are lines from “Selene 6.23,” a track from “The Misconceptions of Us” that features lyrics written by Jonghyun.

Taemin picked “An Encore” from their “Odd” album, saying, “I think the lyrics really hit home for me these days.” He briefly showcased a part of the chorus, singing, “Within the assurance that comes with familiarity, our love faded like a waning moon.”

SHINee had also performed this song at their recent fan meeting while honoring Jonghyun’s memory on screen. At the fan meeting, Onew had expressed, “Thank you very, very much for being with us. Us five members will happily work in order to repay the support you have given us. We will continue to love you, thank you.”

Continuing the interview, Onew commented, “I’ve been realizing how every moment is precious, and I’m trying to remember those moments more.” Key stated, “Going about as usual, this is what’s best for each other and for our hyung. So, things like doing our absolute best while preparing, we haven’t changed much at all in these regards.”

When asked if they would be a SHINee member again if they were reborn, all of them said yes, albeit in different ways. Key joked, “Do we have a choice?” before commenting, “I think I would.” Taemin expressed that he would want to be the second oldest, so that he “wasn’t the leader, but still had younger members under him.” Minho nodded while Onew said, “I think I would if it were with these members.”

SHINee recently made a comeback with “Good Evening,” the first of three title tracks from their sixth studio album “The Story of Light.”

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