After unveiling the teaser images of SHINee members Taemin and Minho, it’s leader Onew who graces us with his teaser images.

SHINee are making a comeback with their new mini album titled “Sherlock.”

On March 10, the teaser images of Onew were revealed through SM Town‘s official website.
While the previously released concept images had members Taemin and Minho take off their shirts, Onew’s seemed to show off his unique charms through a mysterious, cute and more gentle concept.


Starting March 8, SM Entertainment released teaser images of the members for the excitement of netizens and fans alike. The teaser images have been a hot topic on online communities and fans are still speculating about SHINee’s brand-new concept for this round of promotions.

Meanwhile, SHINee’s fourth mini album “Sherlock,” is scheduled for release on March 21, announcing SHINee’s return to the music scene with infectious beats.