SHINee will release their 4th mini-album “Sherlock” and begin their conquest of the world! They have been releasing teaser photos with the concept of a “French Boy.” The members were shown without their shirts on. Jonghyun’s teaser photos were released on March 12 and he is also shown shirtless!

The songs for “Sherlock” will be available online via iTunes and Melon on March 19. The mini-album contains 7 tracks. SM Entertainment has described the album as being “world class” quality. Anticipation for the album is at its peak because the album will maintain SHINee’s unique color, but go for a different kind of concept this time around.

Netizens who saw Jonghyun’s teaser stated, “SHINee’s Jonghyun teaser is awesome, his collarbone is so apparent,” “Jonghyun’s teaser is the embodiment of sexy,” and “Jonghyun is such a man.”