On April 9, SHINee released their individual posters for the upcoming SM Entertainment film, “I AM.” Each poster includes a personal message written by the SHINee members, giving a look into the members’ true feelings about themselves.

Minho and Taemin left more serious comments on their posters, as they wrote, “From the moment we debuted until now, it was like a movie,” and “I wanted to become more dramatic,” respectively. Jonghyun got more up close by revealing, “I have 50,000 songs on my MP3 players,” while Key showed his innocent side, saying, “My friends told me not to lie when I told them I was having a concert at Madison Square Garden.” Onew, on the other hand, reflected his playful and confident personality by simply writing, “I’m a genius.”

“I AM” will continue to release individual postersm of all SME artists in the coming weeks. A documentary film based on the behind-the-scene and concert footage of “SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden,” SME’s new film “I AM” will be released in May. 

Here’s the teaser video for the film: