SHINee shared an interesting story behind their “Sherlock” album jacket photos during the March 23 episode of SBS radio “Boom’s Young Street.” They started off by saying, “All the members were very satisfied. We really like it a lot.”

When asked which member was the most satisfied, Minho answered, “Jonghyun worked out the most, so he seemed the happiest right after the topless photoshoot.”

They were also asked if they used any computer graphics for the photos, but they said, “The concept was to focus on showing the bodyline, not the entire body. So we used bright lights to hide the muscles and liven up the lines.”

“But Jonghyun had too much muscle on his body so we had to delete some parts with computer graphic. Jonghyun’s body right now is almost like that of a ‘Dragon Ball’ character,” the members added.

Boom also expressed his admiration for the photos, as he later said, “After seeing SHINee’s album jacket photos this time, I even felt like saving them on my external hard drive. It’s that valuable.”

SHINee’s jacket photos for their latest album, “Sherlock,” caused some controversy for its odd concept. If you haven’t seen it already, you can see it here or here.