On March 22, SHINee performed its comeback stage at Mnet’sM!Countdown.” Prior to their performance, the boys took several photos in their waiting rooms. The photos were later tweeted on “M!Countdown’s” official twitter, treating fans to eye candies of their favorite boys.

In the photos, the boys are fully prepped for the performance, dressed in their stage costume and makeup. Netizens were especially drawn to Taemin’s look. With long, soft hair, he displayed a feminine charm. The boys of SHINee have been teasing fans with unique styles and concepts since they released teasers for “Sherlock,” increasing the anticipation and excitement surrounding their comeback.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Congratulations on your comeback SHINee!” “I think Taemin is prettier than me,” “I can’t wait to see them back,” “It’s nice seeing the five of them together,” and more. 

SHINee will be performing at KBS’sMusic Bank” tonight, March 23, officially kicking off their domestic promotions for the first time in almost two years. Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has announced that it plans to air its upcoming drama “To the Beautiful You” this year via SBS. Check to see which SM artists are the top candidates for the female and male leads in the series.