On the June 5 episode of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt,” SHINee’s Onew and Taemin appeared as guests, where, while they still have somewhat of an image of being young, they made it abundantly clear that they are not innocent little boys, given the nature of the show.

When asked about their ideal types, Taemin and Onew gave entirely opposing answers. Taemin starts, saying, “I think women who are too calculative aren’t attractive. It’s one thing if she’s so good that it’s not noticeable, but…”

But the hosts get distracted because Heo Ji Woong is staring so hard into Taemin’s face. Heo Ji Woong says, “It’s so interesting hearing a guy’s voice come out of that face. Is it ventriloquism?”

Onew, on the other hand, says if he has to choose, he would like someone that’s “like a fox,” rather than the opposite of “like a bear,” like Taemin’s preference.