SHINee’s Taemin, who is known for his ability to transform into different concepts and styling, has gained the attention of netizens for his breathtaking make-up visuals.

Fans are now curious about what his personal color results are because he seems to make any color combination work!

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Netizens felt that Taemin’s style would work perfectly with cosmetic brands such as Mac and NARS due to his neutral charms that don’t fall under just one gender.

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Even with a blazing red suit like this, he manages to pull it off with no effort at all!

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Taking it down a notch with a cooler tone blue, he still looks immaculate.

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Black and white? No problem. The make-up looks on point even in a monochromatic photo.

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It’s doesn’t matter what type of lighting he’s under, his visuals continue to stand out.

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His most recent solo promotion with “Criminal” had fans screaming after seeing his make-up on stage.

And to think that off stage he’s just a baby cheese that loves to put on lip balm!

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Netizens that saw these photos couldn’t agree more about Taemin!

  • “He would be the perfect model for Nars.”
  • “He literally looks like the main character for some British Hi-teen movie in the last photo.”
  • “There is literally no color that he can’t pull off. He’s so pretty.”