SHINee’s Taemin has received the 2021 Model Taxpayer award at the 55th Taxpayers’ Day ceremony by the Gangam Tax Office.


The National Tax Service introduced Taemin as not only a talented member of SHINee, but also someone who donates his talent through his music, participates in a variety of donation campaigns, and continues to show his influence through faithfully paying taxes.

What is a model taxpayer exactly? It is a person who faithfully fulfills tax obligations and contributes to the national finances.

Taemin recently held a live stream after attending the ceremony to share with fans about winning and award.

I just received an award along with many other people. I think I was the youngest person there!

— Taemin

Netizens congratulated Taemin for being a dutiful citizen.

  • “Wow congrats to Taemin!”
  • “I saw his live stream about him receiving the award.”
  • “When did he grow up like this!”
  • “Our baby has grown to become a model taxpayer!”
  • “I heard you have to pay a lot on time to be young, rich, handsome.”

Congrats to Taemin for receiving this award and being a role model to the fans!