Congratulations to SHINee on their 8th win with “View”!

The group took their 8th win no the June 7 episode of SBSInkigayo,” making Kara and Zion.T take second and third places, respectively, with “Cupid” and “Eat.”


The full list of performers for this broadcast of “Inkigayo” include SHINee, EXO, Kara, Kim Sunggyu, BESTie, Jun Hyosung, SPEED, Boys Republic, MONSTA X, HIGH4, CLC, HALO, N.Flying, Oh My Girl, ANDA, ROMEO, Seventeen, A.KOR BLACK, and So Yumi.

Watch the performances below (to be updated as performances become available):

SHINee Wins

SHINee – “View”

Kara – “Cupid”

EXO interview

EXO – “Love Me Right”

Boys Republic – “Hello”

Jun Hyosung – “Into You”

MONSTA X – “Trespass”

Kim Sunggyu – “Kontrol”

N.Flying – “Awesome”

HALO – “While You’re Sleeping”

Speed – “What U”

Oh My Girl – “Cupid”

ANDA – “Touch”

Romeo – “Lovesick”

Seventeen – “Adore U”

So Yumi – “Shake Me Up”

A.KOR Black – “How We Do”