SHINee will come back to the domestic music scene with the release of the third chapter of their “Misconceptions” albums. According to a report in local news agencies, SHINee is set to compile “Chapter 1 – The Misconceptions of You” and “Chapter 2 – The Misconceptions of Me” into a combined “Chapter 3 – The Misconceptions of Us.” The compilation will also come with two new tracks, “Selene 6.23” and “Better Off,” both with member Jonghyun actively participating in the lyrics-writing.

In addition, the members have also been involved in planning the album, from designing the concepts to the choices of the songs, to showcase the story of their music and to encompass a variety of emotions. The album represents SHINee’s growth and maturity, and shows a different side to them as artists.

Reports further said “Selene 6.23” features New Age pianist Yiruma to imbue the song with a refreshing color. “Better Off,” meanwhile, speaks of the sadness of parting, expressed beautifully in the lyrics. 

In related news, SHINee has just released “Boys Meet U” in Japan, and is meeting with success on their “Japan Arena Tour SHINee World 2013 – Boys Meet U.”