A fancam that was taken during SHINee‘s rehearsal for their concert in Nanjing has surfaced. The video has sparked interest because it contains footage of members Jong Hyun and Minho sharing a kiss. In the clip, the boys are dressed in comfortable, casual attire for a long rehearsal.

While Jong Hyun is singing the opening lines for “Jojo,” Minho leans towards Jong Hyun with puckered lips. Jong Hyun pauses from singing to reply Minho with a light peck. Minho shows a gasped, shocked reaction while Jong Hyun laughs and continues singing. Fans are uncertain as to how they should interpret the incident, whether it be fan service, display of friendship, or otherwise.

The rehearsal is for their concert in Nanjing on August 20th. The concert is part of SHINee’s World Concert tour which began on July 16th in Taipei. Following this, SHINee will embark on SM TOWN LIVE in TOKYO at Tokyo Dome on September 2-4.

(The kiss happens at 0:14-0:17)

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