SHINee‘s Jonghyun has claimed that he is a big fan of Girl’s Day‘s Yura, but unfortunately for him, it appears that Yura actually has her eyes on someone else. 

On a recent airing of Shin Dong’s radio program “Shin Dong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa” featuring Girl’s Day as guests, they end talking with SHINee’s Jonghyun over the phone. During this conversation, he reveals that he is “A big fan of Girl’s Day’s Yura” and how he’s “Arrived at the car park but hasn’t gotten out of the car yet because I’m still listening to Shin Dong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa. It is a really enjoyable program.”


Yura thanks him for his interest by saying that she is “Thankful that an impressive senior colleague is paying attention to my performances, I’ll give you a signed CD next time we meet.” And so is this the end of this lovely story? Not so fast.

The next day, Girl’s Day is participating in the airing of the radio program “Cultwo’s 2PM Escape,” and this topic is brought up once again. Yura once again shows her thanks and states that she is a “Fan of all of the SHINee members.” However, when the DJs ask her who her ideal type is, the response they get isn’t Jonghyun nor is it any of the other SHINee members. Yura mentions that her ideal type is everyone’s favorite Lee Seung Gi. Don’t worry though because I’m sure Jonghyun will still get the signed CD despite this minor setback.