At his final solo concert, SHINee’s Jonghyun reportedly shared that he wrote his new song in order to comfort those who had lost a loved one.

During his solo concert “INSPIRED” on December 10, Jonghyun revealed five new tracks, including his self-composed song “Only One You Need.” The Korean title of the song (“Hwansang-Tong“) literally translates to “phantom pains,” the psychological phenomenon of feeling pain in a body part that is no longer there.

While introducing the song, Jonghyun explained, “It’s a song that I wrote because I wanted to say, ‘When you feel pain because a loved one used to be there and is now gone, don’t be too sad.’”

Although Jonghyun was scheduled to make a comeback with his new songs in January 2018, he did not announce his plans at the concert. He instead performed his tracks for the first time in front of his fans.

After the SHINee member passed away unexpectedly on December 18, many fans and fellow celebrities have shared their grief over the tragic loss of a great artist. His body was laid to rest on December 21, with his fellow SHINee members leading the funeral procession in a final farewell.

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