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On the most recent episode of “Entertainment Relay – Guerilla Date” aired on March 31, the members of SHINee showcased their unstoppable and honest personalities during the interview.

SHINee has finally made its comeback after a year and a half, and Key was given the question, “Do you wear make-up when you are just Kim Ki Bum (Key’s real name)?” As soon as the question was asked, all of the members broke into laughter to the curiosity of the viewers and all who were present.

Key looked pensive for a moment then shyly answered, “Yes,” to which the other members added, “Key separately carries his own make-up bag.” They continued, “He also uses eyeliner.” Key then interjected and accidentally admitted, “I only draw my eyebrows,” and caused much laughter.

Key stated, “BB cream is like money to me. I always need to carry it around,” and expressed his love of make-up.