On April 4, SHINee’s Key revealed the behind-the-scene rehearsal video titled, “Key’s Sketch,” through SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. The one minute 49 second video contains footage from the rehearsals of Key’s musical debut, “Catch Me If You Can.”

In the video, Key seems much at ease with his role, the main character Frank Abagnale, Jr., and displays his sweet side in different scenes involving both acting and singing. Although it’s his first musical role, Key looks to have gained the confidence to fully portray the complicated personality of his trickster role, which was previously played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film version of the show.

“Catch Me If You Can” started playing on March 28 at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall. The show is scheduled to play a total of 129 times until June 10. Learn more about the show at its official site here!