SHINee’s Key continued to struggle with SM Entertainment artists’ lyrics on the latest episode of “Amazing Saturday”!

The tvN variety show features a segment called “Do Re Mi Market,” in which the cast members listen to a brief clip of a song and then attempt to guess the lyrics correctly in order to win food. During the May 19 broadcast, the cast members were asked to guess the lyrics to a snippet of Girls’ Generation’s “Hoot.”

As soon as Key heard that they would be listening to “Hoot” that day, he confidently asked, “Didn’t I get TaeTiSeo’s lyrics right once before? Why would you choose another Girls’ Generation song?” Comedienne Park Na Rae replied, “This must be intended as a challenge for you.”

Key went on to offer his expert analysis of his labelmate’s songs, commenting, “Girls’ Generation’s songs have an unusually high number of conversational lyrics,” and “[‘Hoot’s] lyrics are about repeatedly admonishing a man and cursing his future.”

However, despite his self-declared confidence in his knowledge of SM songs, Key had a considerably difficult time figuring out the actual lyrics to “Hoot”—harking back to the episode of the show in which he struggled to decipher the lyrics to EXO’s “Lotto.” Fortunately, after many clues and a great deal of brainstorming and guessing by the cast members, they were finally able to win the prize of freshly prepared stew.

Even after the cast members figured out the correct lyrics, they found it harder than expected to sing the lines in the proper rhythm. Check out clips of the cast listening to “Hoot” and then attempting to sing to it below!

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