SHINee member Key recently bared his no makeup face and shirtless back for the viewers of MBC’s variety show “My Little Television.”

On the June 6 broadcast of “My Little Television,” Kim Gura, Baek Jong Won, Shin Soo Ji, Hong Suk Chun, and Key battled it out to gather the most amount of viewers for their personal broadcast.

On this episode, Key changed out of his shirt in order to show the viewers another shirt that he reformed himself. During this process, he displayed his bare back, making fans and viewers go wild in the comments section.

key my little tv

During the episode, the SHINee member also revealed his no makeup face by showing everyone how he takes his makeup off. He used a cleansing oil to wash his face two times, before using another cleansing foam. He then showed off an electric facial cleansing brush, which he used to finish things off.

Key shared, “I currently have two huge pimples. Please be understanding. I will show you how to cover it up in a bit.” He then went on to show viewers his method of covering up problem spots using concealer.

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